The Faith Formation Ministries at Church of the Redeemer UCC affirm that the home is the primary location for faith formation, and also that it is not limited to children and youth.

Faith is formed through a lifetime of experiences and practices. The focus is not on information but rather transformation. We recognize that we are partners with individuals as they seek to grow in faith and discipleship and we offer a balanced program of worship, learning, service and fellowship in which multi-generations can participate together as well as in their own age groupings.

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Church of the Redeemer invites children into a community

where they can experience being loved  and can be offered

ways and places to encounter God and grow in their faith.

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Youth are often called the future of the church, but Church of the Redeemer recognizes that our youth are the church of today.And we have much to learn from accompanying them on their journey to adulthood. 

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 Church of the Redeemer recognizes that learning and spiritual growth

  is a life long endeavor. While everything we do in the church is the

 “curriculum” from which we learn and grow, we also seek to provide

  informational opportunities for adults seeking more focused



Prayer Practices