The Church is a Global Church
Your Open and Affirming Covenant
Moving Forward with Love, Hope and Justice for Every Child
Is it Time for New Reformation?
Dear Parents, Grandparents, and Anyone …
In the Meantime
It is Not what You Think it is About
An Attitude of Gratitude
Keep Hope … is That All?
Preparing the Way
Will We also be Bearers of the Christ?
Aug. 6, 2017 “I See the Christ in You”
Aug. 13, 2017 “Is Grace True?” P1
Aug. 20, 2017 “Why are you here?” P2
Aug. 27, 2017 “Who? What? Really?”
  Sept. 3, 2017 “Turning Aside”
Sept. 10, 2017 “Which One Are You?
Sept. 17, 2017 “… God’s Vision of Peace …”
Sept. 24, 2017 “Anointing for Healing”