2 Corinthians 9:7

“Each one must give as he has decided in his heart, not reluctantly or under compulsion, for God loves a cheerful giver”



Our God is a God of abundance, not scarcity. We are not required to scrape together whatever we can; we are called to use faithfully the gifts with which God has abundantly blessed us. When we give generously, we express not just thanks, but a conviction that “there’s more where that came from”—from our gracious God.

Our church assigns money to various funds as a way of keeping track. Each fund has an official description of its sources of income, recommended balance, etc. Some funds have a committee overseeing their use. Our funds include:

  • The Operating Fund —Sometimes referred to as “the general fund,” this is where most of our donations are receivedand the source of payments for mission giving, salaries, office expenses, utilities, insurance, curriculum, and so on.
  • The Endowment Fund— A separate and detailed set of rules govern the use of this fund; briefly, a portion of its income may go each year toward certain areas of our work, including currently our Renewal Plan. The principal of this fund is never spent, but invested under the direction of our Planned Giving Board.
  • The Facilities Fund—This may be thought of as a major maintenance or contingency fund for helping with unbudgeted projects like a roof or boiler. It accumulates income from gifts and budget allocations, which may then be used and later restored.
  • The Lakewood Legacy Fund—Our newest fund is likewise directed by criteria in our Plan of Union for assisting in mission, the Parish Nurse program, and more. Its disbursements are overseen by a five-member Legacy Fund Committee.
  • The Memorial Fund—This fund receives special gifts in remembrance of deceased members and friends, and is used to purchase somewhat more enduring items such as the altar cloths or name tags (not “consumables” or shingles or the like). A Memorial Fund Committee receives suggestions for disbursements and makes its recommendations to the Consistory.
  • The Mustard Seed Fund—This fund helps to launch projects and programs with grants and loans. Its purpose is to encourage new ideas and help develop new ministries.
  • The J.R. Mead Fund—This fund is used for emergency assistance to those in a time of crisis.

More details about any of the funds can be found by clicking on highlighted fund names or by talking with our Treasurer, Alex Tomoff.

Planned Giving

Members are encouraged to consider gifts of a lasting nature through our Planned Giving program. Bequests and other end-of-life gifts may be made, as well as regular donations. All are held in Redeemer’s Endowment Fund, the principal of which is invested through the United Church of Christ. Income may be spent according to a Plan of Operation, which is available.



*click on “Stewardship” to view the brochure on giving at CORUCC