Mark 12:31 “Love Your Neighbor as Yourself”


“The church exists for mission as a fire exists for burning.”  Redeemer has long recognized this truth and continues to commit a substantial portion of its operating budget and its energies to mission.  Both locally and, through the wider church, on a national and global scale, Redeemer is dedicated to the work of hunger relief, community development, assistance to the homeless, and more. Through direct contributions to ministries and through support of advocacy efforts in shaping public policy, we work to see that the abundant gifts of God are widely and justly shared.

We work with the following ministries:

Next Step Shelter and Independent Living provides shelter care for youth, ages 12-17, who are without a home or a stable living environment. Residents may be runaway youth or children placed by the Cuyahoga County Division of Children and Family Services (DCFS). Next Step residents attend their home schools whenever possible. They participate in meal preparation and household chores. Individual and/or group counseling is provided as appropriate as well as recreational opportunities. 

Church Street Ministries—this organization in nearby Berea collects and redistributes clothing and household goods, serving thousands of individuals and families each year.  We support them with donations of goods collected at various times throughout the year and with money allocated in the mission budget.

Denison Avenue UCCFounded in 1897 working and witnessing for Christ by serving the spiritual, physical, and social needs of the community. In the midst of economical challenges, praising God for the miracles seen every day!

Habitat for Humanity – A Christian-based organization, developing opportunities for all of God’s people to act out their faith.  Working in partnerships to eliminate substandard housing, enabling families and volunteers to improve lives. Creating hope by building homes, strengthening neighborhoods and reweaving communities.

Lakewood Community Services Center – Serving the community by providing basic needs assistance and personalized resource and referral services with the goal to empower each individual to move toward greater self sufficiency.

Malachi House – The home ministers to individuals in need of an available caregiver, who have limited or no financial resources and are in need of special care during the final stages of life. Trained staff and volunteers provide spiritual, emotional and physical support with the assistance of a hospice team. (Click here for info page.)

Family PromiseCreated from a merger of Interfaith Hospitality Network of Greater Cleveland and New Life Community to expand services to at-risk and homeless families, and to provide individualized residential and community based services to address each family’s unique needs. Family Promise is the largest local organization focused exclusively on serving homeless families, while keeping all types of families together using best practices to improve an already strong record of success. Our mission: to inspire and empower homeless families to transform their lives, become self-sufficient, and fulfill their promise.

North Coast Health Ministries For 25 years and through the support of dozens of volunteer physicians and nurses, as well as clerical volunteers, NCHM is able to provide primary health care, specialty referrals, prescription assistance, preventative and chronic disease management, medical tests, behavioral/mental health counseling and health education to low-income individuals and families living on Cleveland’s West Side.

St. Paul’s Church UCCwe make an annual gift to this church in Cleveland’s inner city to assist in their work with a population of unemployed residents and the homeless.

WSEM Hunger Centerassists individuals and families meet their needs through programs of service and empowerment carried out in active collaboration with neighborhoods, faith-based organizations and other service providers.

Through the wider church we reach out in the form of contributions to:

Back Bay Missionwhich began over 70 years ago to assist the poor in Biloxi, Mississippi, to find opportunity, education, and jobs.  This ministry continues to offer hope to thousands despite considerable damage to its facility by Hurricane Katrina.

Zelma George Family Shelter with the goal of continuing to make a difference in the lives of the homeless, one person, one family at at time. Through donations from supporters, they continue to see improvements in homelessness. 

CrossroadCreates promising futures for children in difficult circumstances by providing therapy, education and family support services. (Click here for info page.)

Holy Joe’s CafeThe daily experiences our troops may face can extract an extreme physical, emotional and psychological toll. By offering a place to come and relax, military chaplains provide a place to establish rapport with and minister to the needs of our sons, daughters, brothers, sisters, husbands and wives—our troops. In these safe spaces soldiers come to talk and develop perspective on their experiences in war. (Click here for info page.)

One Great Hour of Sharingwhich joins Protestant churches in doing worldwide disaster relief, refugee resettlement, and development such as building clinics, digging wells, training community leaders, and so on.

UCC Christmas FundProvides financial aid to retired and active ministers and their surviving spouses and children who face overwhelming financial demands, a ministry carried out by the Pension Boards. (The December Mission envelope collection is sent to this fund.)

UCC Disaster Ministries Providing spiritual, physical, financial, and psychological assistance to people and communities impacted by disasters.

UCC Neighbors in Needa special mission offering of the UCC that supports ministries of justice and compassion throughout the United States.  One-third of NIN funds support the Council for American Indian Ministry(CAIM). Two-thirds of the offering is used by the UCC’s Justice and Witness Ministries(JWM) to support a variety of justice initiatives, advocacy efforts, and direct service projects.

UCC Outdoor MinistriesFrom the shores of the Atlantic Ocean in New Hampshire to the majestic mountains of California – and at more than 60 sites in between – thousands of guests of all ages and backgrounds discover and deepen their faith though encounters with God in creation and Christian community.

UCC Strengthen the Church  one of four special mission offerings within the United Church of Christ, grows the UCC’s future. (Click here for info page.)

United Church Homesthis network began in 1916, when the first Home for the Aged was founded by our denomination.  There are now retirement homes and other residences run by United Church Homes around the country.

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