A Just Peace Church

Our Just Peace Covenant

As a congregation of the Church of Jesus Christ, we believe that the church exists in and for the world, and that peacemaking lies at the heart of the Christian gospel. We acknowledge hostility and alienation in our own lives, in the community and throughout the world. We also recognize our threat to the environment and to the integrity of creation. We accept these concerns as challenges to our individual and corporate lives.

We, therefore, resolve to seek ways of justice and peace within and among ourselves, so as to make a difference in our lives and in the lives of all who experience injustice and violence in our community, nation, and world. We shall strive in every way to live in friendship, fairness and non-violence; and to work for peace with justice in interpersonal, social, racial, economic, political and international relations.

To this end we, as members, families, church groups, committees and boards will strive to be alert in responding to human needs, to conditions that threaten human community and well-being, and to opportunities for turning back the reign of hostility and oppression. Where we can speak with one voice, we shall do so, always respecting the right of conscientious dissent. In every aspect of our ministry and mission, we shall hold ourselves accountable for the effect our policies and actions have on God’s purpose.

Relying on the continued guidance of the Holy Spirit, we shall seek to grow as a Just Peace Church by pursuing the fourfold journey commended in the General Synod XV Proposal for Action through prayer, study, service and action.

May we accept God’s help in our search for peace.

– Adopted by the Congregation, 1990

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